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“Your child’s success or lack of success in sport does not indicate what kind of parent you are.  But, having an athlete that is coachable, respectful, a great teammate, mentally tough, patient, resilient, and tries their best, is a direct reflection of your parenting.”



Fundraising is important to our organization in order to keep registration fees low.  We are fortunate to have some of the lowest registration fees in the province, but we need to continuously fundraise in order to keep it this way. 


More information about this season's fundraisers to come.


Age Groups and Team Information

7U Hockey (formerly called Initiation/Pre-Novice)

There is no minimum age for children to start playing hockey.  As long as they have the desire and can listen to instructions, they are ready to play!


Our 7U program practices twice a week for 45 minutes to an hour.  The program is designed to teach the fundamentals of hockey in a fun and safe environment.  Our 7U age group are not part of a league, but will play a few games and attend tournaments as determined every year by the coaches, managers and parents.


During games, our 7U’s play on a modified ice surface with small nets and no goalies.  More information on modified ice and the 7U program can be found here:


9U Hockey (formerly called Novice)

Our 9U age group practices twice a week for an hour.  They play games in the Parkland (spanning from Swan River to Winnipegosis) league, which typically consist of 8 to 10 games every season.  The team will also travel to two to three out-of-town tournaments, as well as host their own.


During games, the 9U’s also play on a modified ice surface, with a 2-minute buzzer for line changes, and a 4-goal per player, per game limit.  More information on modified ice and the 9U program can be found here:


11, 13 and 15U Hockey

Practices at this age level are twice a week, for one hour to either an hour or an hour and 15 minutes.  The 11U and 13U participate in the Parkland league, averaging 10-12 league games per year, plus tournaments.  The 15U usually participate in the Parkissimo league.  All age groups play regular ice hockey rules.